Born in the heart of oil and gas.... SODCHE PETROLEUM.

Our Company

Sodche Serving The Future.

Sodche Petroleum Limited is a startup independent indigenous upstream exploration and production oil and gas Nigerian company. Sodche has been formed from the foundation of bringing a new edge into the upstream sector of the oil and gas market by a group of veterans that have made solid marks in the sector and are still making. Perfection and innovation have always been the way of life of the management line of Sodche petroleum. Through these solidities they have stood out in the past; these and more are what they bring into the upstream exploration and production sector of the oil and gas industry, to function in a safe and sure environment, producing top notch quality products with much less overhead cost and time.

Over the years hydrocarbon remains the trend in the world energy mix, while the necessity to ensure clean and high environmental standards as well as recent global economic challenges, place a lot of pressure on the industry to find innovative methods for extraction and processing. This trend has been the birth mark for billions of dollars in revenue in the oil and gas industry. With the present cluster of numerous upstream companies and demands at its peak, it becomes imperative to ensure quality partnership with a company with foresight with the innovative edge to cut through the market needs at record time with matchless standard and quality solutions.

Sodche Petroleum possess the expertise across a broad range of technical, commercial, production systems optimisation and process improvement. At a time when the oil and gas industry in Nigeria is undergoing profound changes both in terms of significant Asset transfers from the International Oil Companies (IOCs) to Indigenous players, and significantly lower oil and gas prices; Sodche Petroleum makes available unrivalled services from core group of tested industry professionals to clients in a way that helps them achieve production objectives in very cost effective ways whilst ensuring the highest levels of best practices.

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Why Us

  • We are professionals
  • We take safety first
  • At Sodche Petroleum we do not trade standard for anything
  • We ensure timely delivery of projects
  • We are well equipped with the latest work tool and machines

Our Community Service

We at Sodche ensure that returning back to the community where we work is prime and taken seriously. We undergo project for the communities like:

  • Provision of clean water
  • Building of modern and standard schools
  • Rural electrification through renewable energy, etc.